When you ask a practitioner why they became a chiropractor, massage therapist or naturopathic doctor, their answer always starts the same way; ‘because I wanted to help people’.

Gives Back

We believe in a few fundamental ideas here at Bright Almond. We believe that when people are well, they can chance the world. We believe that our practitioners are equipped, beyond measure, to educate people about living healthier lives, and, we believe that we can reach and help more people when we all work together.

Bright Almond Gives Back is a community outreach initiative that aims to connect our practitioners to those who may not otherwise be able to access their services. Our practitioners do what they do because they love to help people. BA Gives Back, sends our practitioners into communities to provide interactive workshops related to health and well-being. We are pleased to have been working with the Daniels Learning Centre in Regent Park, Toronto, to provide health education forums in the community.

We look forward to continuing to develop this program on a national scale.

Want us to speak to your community group?

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