Practitioner Membership Overview


Bright Almond believes that when people are well, they can change the world. We connect consumers to licensed and regulated natural health practitioners. We host the most qualified practitioners with the mission of helping people find true health in an unprecedented way.

Bright Almond is the only online patient navigation tool to connect consumers to licensed and regulated complementary health providers.  We identify consumer needs and align them to qualified clinicians regionally or virtually. We believe that when people have their health, they are better people, parents and participants at life.

For practitioners, effectively positioning, branding and marketing themselves online has proven to be a primary business challenge.  The Bright Almond platform facilitates patient acquisition, while providing real-time stats about how a given profile is performing. We believe that if you are going to practice evidenced based medicine, you should also be practicing evidenced based marketing.

We want to help practitioners change lives – those of their patients as well as their own. We are on a mission to change the world, one patient at a time.

 For $5/month, you get your own, highly functional mini website.

  • Highly visual professional profile (if you don’t look good online, people will book with someone else).
  • Statistical Dashboard to view your profile performance in real time. If you are going to practice evidence-based medicine, you should be practicing evidenced based marketing, right?
  • Ongoing Search Engine Optimization (this is how Google finds you) on your profile that links to the tagged areas that you focus on in your practice.
  • Connection to your social media channels.
  • Profile link to your personal or clinic website.
  • Online booking integration (with any online booking system)
  • Ability to upload articles you’ve written to appear on your profile and across Bright Almond
  • Video integration.
  • Customized URL (like having your own mini website)
  • Rotation through the front page of Bright Almond.
  • Customized background image.
  • Access to our full-time Community Manager who will help engage and promote your events online.
  • Access to Bright Almond Biz School monthly webinars and special events.

Your profile can do everything a fully functional website should achieve for you professionally, but with a little extra ‘ findability’ on the world wide web.

All of this is included for $5 per month (taxes included). Normally, this type of marketing support, including SEO and access to a personal community manager would cost a practitioner over $700/month. Yes, we know how amazing this is, you don’t need to tell us.

Click below to sign in using the email and password provided to you in the email we sent you.


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